A Vegan Treat: Thunder Tree Lei Cha Singapore

I was just at the Foods Futures Summit last week with plenty to think about – consuming less meat, lab grown meat, mock meats, vegan alternatives to eggs and meat and the conversation around the importance on what we put in our body, in addition to how animals are raised today.

The idea of the meatless monday campaign was a start and one of the panelist suggested turning that around to eat meat only once a week and the “impossible” meats and “beyond meat” that we’re ingesting today is a bridge to eventually going on a wholefoods vegetarian diet.

I think the concept about going vegetarian and vegan is a daunting thought because we don’t often see it done well. So much heart goes into bringing out the best in vegetables, not everyone is capable of it.

Vegan is Delicious and Nutritious

If you’re planning to move towards a more plant based diet, you need to check out Thunder Tree in Chinatown. Don’t forget to also bring your own tupperware too to takeaway these delicious nutritious meals to reduce plastic use.

below: Vegetarian fried wantons and mushrooms kolo mee


thunder tea riceThis is hands down my favourite healthy spot to stuff my face. Thunder Tree in Chinatown on Smith Street does a tasty and nutritious Thunder tea rice with organic produce straight from their farms.

vegetarian wanton kolo mee

The chef owner’s main philosophy is that nutritious, good food free from chemicals and toxins should be available to everyone at affordable prices.

braised tofu

She’s also a devout Buddhist and believes in changing the misconception that vegetarian food is boring and bland tasting. Fortunately, I went with greedy buddy Ryd and we ordered too many dishes because they sounded and looked so good. Admittedly, subconsciously we needed the reassurance that we were going to be satiated on vegetarian food.

mushrooms kolo meeEverything was a buddhist treat and I’m going back especially for the braised tofu, thunder tea rice and kolo mee.  thunder tea rice

Mushrooms kolo meemushrooms kolo mee

This is one of my favourite vegetarian dishes that my mother makes often and my usual requests when I am home. I still haven’t mastered the art of cooking this tasting dish. It’s made up of mostly mushrooms, black fungus, mung bean noodles, bean curd skins and stir fried in a fermented bean paste.vegetarian dishIMG_5031 thunder tea rice

Thunder Tree

**update** sadly the Smith Street shop has closed, but the People’s Park Complex one remains open so do go there for your nutritious vegan fix!!

21 Smith Street

Chinatown Singapore

Opening Hours: Mon – Sat (12pm – 830pm) (Tuesday closed)

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