Eating Out: Café Jamin Paris

IMG_4286 copyI am so late with posts. I’ve gone and returned from France twice now and didn’t get down to writing about Jamin.

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Cafe Jamin Paris Legacy

Late last year, we had lunch at this wonderful restaurant helmed by chef Hervé Rodriguez. It’s also the original location of the first restaurant of the late chef Joel Robuchon. He opened Jamin in 1981 before bringing gastronomy to the world, leaving behind a legacy since his passing a few months ago.

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The restaurant and kitchen has been left in its original state since it changed hands. So, how’s the food? Really good.  There’s no star here, but it’s where gourmands in the city come dine. Simple, wholesome, full of flavours.


Cafe Jamin

32 Rue de Longchamp, 75016 Paris, France

Tel: +33 1 45 53 00 07

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