Alicja Kwade “Out of Ousia” @ Kunsthal Charlottenborg Copenhagen

IMG_1453One of my favourite shows this trip to Europe. Polish artist Alicja Kwade’s exhibition. Exploring space, time and the art of “being”. I found it really calming and hits the spot with being mindful and in the moment of this reality, changing perceptions.

IMG_2939 2


“Out of Ousia translates loosely to ‘out of the substance’ – the term, ‘Ousia’ stems from ontology, the ancient Greek philosophical study of the nature of reality and the possibility of alternate realities.” – Kwade



tiny watch second and minute hands surround the exhibition, culminating in hours, minutes and seconds spanning the circumference of the exhibition gallery.

IMG_7266   IMG_2102

IMG_8254 IMG_1465

The Kunsthal Charlottenborg is small, but worth a visit, it’s right on the harbour that hugs old town Nyhavn district which literally translates to “new harbour”.

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