Copenhagen Travel Highlights: Louisiana Art Museum

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Copenhagen is definitely worth a visit, it’s a 35minutes train ride out of the city from Central station and it’s probably easier purchase your return train tickets along with admission (210 Danish Kronens).

It’s a ten minute walk through a residential estate to get to the museum, so don’t panic when you exit the train station, follow the signs and you’ll get there. The space itself is beautiful and borders the Finnish Gulf and Baltic sea. The café offers sea views and colourful sculptures.

Museum Of Modern Art Copenhagen: From Alexander Calder to Giocometti


Giocometti fans will be pleased there’s a gallery dedicated to the Swiss artist. The museum is privately owned by Jensen and is home to a huge collection of modern contemporary art from post World World II onwards, in recently years it received generous fundings to continue acquiring and exhibiting world class art in Denmark.


Japanese artist’s Nubuo Sekine’s “Phases of Nothingness”. How very existential.


“House to watch the sunset 2015” by Not Vital.IMG_1340

Warhol’s Mao original.IMG_8037

An extension wing with modern sculptures and beautiful skylight.IMG_9339 2

The shop is an absolute must. Beautiful pottery and sculptures to add a pop of colour and character to your homewares collection. I absolutely love the fan blade patterns on the vases. Unfortunately, I have aimed to travel light and continue to work on keeping my life to a bare minimum without clutter, so I admired these but didn’t end up purchasing any.IMG_0505 IMG_3735 IMG_6602 IMG_0811

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