2* Michelin Noma Copenhagen: NoT Worth The Hype


noma’s Winter Sea Themed Menu

Of the gastronomic experiences in Sweden and Denmark, Noma, unfortunately, was my least favourite. I just didn’t get the hype around the food nor the brand it has built with a loyal following. More images here.

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It wasn’t a dining experience I was used to – you’re not allowed to go to the toilet as and when Nature calls, it’s like being in a classroom again – you are only allowed to answer Nature’s calls at specific timeslots during your meal – so you don’t upset the pace of the chef’s dishes coming out of the kitchen.


I’ve worked in the luxury hospitality industry for over 12 years, the guest always comes first – that’s why people in the service industry do what they do, not for the ego of anyone… and without arrogance.


Contrary, I am not offended, my ego and sense of self is healthy as a paying guest, just unfortunate about the timing of my visit I guess and caught people on a bad day at work. Still, at 300€ with drinks per diner, many would have expectations of service at a Two Michelin-starred restaurant.


So, how was the food? The seafood menu was fresh and delicious and we were told beautiful stories of the provenance of the seafood with a QR code to scan and know more about the fisherman who caught our crab. The provenance of the seafood ranged from the Faroe Islands to the North Sea – it was simple, flavourful without any fanfare.

Would I go back? Definitely not. Did I regret spending my hard earned money there on a meal, not really. After all, it’s not fair to knock it before you try it. Now that I’ve experienced it and realise I don’t fall into the particular category of foodies that enjoy the hype, I know for sure it’s not my cup of tea. Over half the kitchen staff (50?) work for free as an apprentice for a season and I am sure looks fabulous on their CV to help them get a job elsewhere after.


We did a tour of the back office, staff dining area, the lab and got to see the jars of experiments with all sorts of interesting creatures inside.

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