Travel: Guia Lighthouse Macao

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I’ve been up to the Guia Fortress and lighthouse several times in the 4.5+ years I lived in Macao and I couldn’t believe I didn’t have a photo of the UNESCO site landmark! Image above courtesy of MGTO. It’s a pretty easy trek if you plan to walk up, and make a nice walk in the cooler seasons. If not, you have the option to take the cable car up.

The tourist sites in Macao offer Instagram perfect backdrops with its 17th-18th-century architecture and pops of bright colours on the monuments.


As typhoon season is coming up in the Summer, I thought it’d be nice to revisit. . The 17th-century chapel, unfortunately, was closed during my most recent visit last year, but I got a peek inside the lighthouse.

Even the door has a beautiful symbol. As you can see it was closed but I managed to peek inside. Don’t these symbols look familiar? They are the exact same ones that appear on our weather warning app when typhoon warnings are up. Traditionally they were hung up on the lighthouse so that sailors could see from afar.

I’m not sure how far these symbols date back to, but fascinating how they were put to use in naval maritime navigation.


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