Naples: World’s Best Pizza at Pepe in Grani

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We’ve read and heard all about the legend that is Signor Franco Pepe and its legendary reputation, so we took the opportunity to visit his restaurant in April when we were in Naples for a friend’s wedding.

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I don’t particularly like Kytaly in Hong Kong, I find the dough really dense and it always leaves me feeling worse for wear after. I lived in Italy and had real Napolitana pizzas many times in my life but I think the Hong Kong humidity compromises the quality of the famed pizzas. The husband loves Kytaly, but it’s definitely not for me as I feel so bloated after and for that price point paying 20€ for a pizza, no thanks, I’ll pass on the bloat.

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At Pepe in Grani, you can expect nothing short of magical dough. It’s a carbs parade and all so worth it. We were 6 and took the pizza degustation of 6 pizzas, we each had a slice of the different flavours. There are Italian purist friends who are into classics and not the modern twist that can be found on Pepe’s menu, but WE LOVED IT ALL!

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Everything is fresh, seasonal and sometimes with a creative twist. Like the modern version of a Magherita sbagliata meaning “wrong” Magherita is Pepe’s ingenious twist which is a pizza bianca (“white”) with buffalo mozzarella as the base and tomato sauce on top.

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We were expecting a rustic pizzeria but Pepe in Grani is actually super modern and fancy and they even have a private dining room for demonstrations. I know they are working hard to earn their first Michelin star, and I feel that it’s well deserved. I’d still like it better if it was old and rustic with its little countryside charm.IMG_0005 2

Sweets: dessert on dough, with candied fruits and nuts.

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