Hong Kong’s 1* Michelin New Punjab Club


I absolutely love Indian food and whilst we don’t have the variety and selection of Singapore’s Little India where I would get my Indian food fix, there are plenty of great options here in Hong Kong for Indian food. I’m not a purist when it comes to regional foods and probably the most famous dish of this Northern South Asian cuisine is the butter chicken – a dish that I have been so fortunate to have tasted in Dehli in the restaurant Moti Mahal where it originated.

We are huge fans of the northern Indian butter chicken. Nearly a decade a go, I went in search of the origins of the recipe in New Dehli at Moti Mahal. In Macao, our favourite spot was the 1 Michelin star Golden Peacock, chef Justin Paul has since gone on to open his own independent restaurant.

Feast fit for Maharajahs

We’ve been very fortunate in Hong Kong with the Coronavirus slowly coming under control with consecutive days/weeks of zero new cases and people are starting to venture out to dine again. The restaurants were also allowed to continue to operate at half capacity/and or with tables of no more than 4 diners with tables spaced 1.5m apart.

Keema pau with minced mutton – you must order this.

Things are slowly picking up as everyone is gaining confidence to dine out again. The One Michelin starred New Punjab Club is our go-to for favourites. We always over-order to my advantage as I get to eat leftovers for lunch the next day!

Vegetarian samosas with a delicious spiced yougurt dressing and plenty of pomergranates

If you’re still cautious and staying home whipping up amazing recipes, my friend @thebombayeastindiangirl shares delicious recipes on her page. If you’d like to attempt to make chicken biryani, her recipe here and chapati that she whips up in minutes. And her butter chicken is restaurant standard amazing. Recipe here

When we order in, we go for Bombay Dreams, a fantastic Indian vegetarian in Kowloon side Saravanaa Bhavan is our go-to and I also like Aladdin’s Mess in Causeway Bay.

The F&B industry across the globe need our support and help. If you’re making plans to dine out, hope these ideas provide you with delicious options.

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