Experience Asia’s Largest Gong Collection At Red Doors Studio Hong Kong


My latest gong baths story for Healthy Hong Kong. I have found it immensely helpful in feeling grounded, balanced and re-energised. Whether it’s the grounding “Yang” energy of gongs or the “Yin” of crystal bowls, I’ve found sound therapy through vibrations really calming and rejuvenating.

Red Doors Studio in Wong Chuk Hang has Asia’s largest collection of gongs and I highly recommend trying out a session to try it for yourself.

Healing Properties of Gong Baths

  1. The deep vibrations induce a state of relaxation, reducing stress and tension. It’s quite common to fall asleep!
  2. Gong baths calm the nervous system and allows for the release of stress and tension in the body.
  3. The immersive sounds of the gongs aid in mindfulness practice and meditation, allowing one to feel grounded.
  4. The sound vibrations by gongs are believed to help balance the body’s nervous sytem and energies, creating a sense of balance, harmony and well-being.
  5. Gong baths are said to improve sleep, helping to calm the mind and body.

If you’re looking for different modalities of sound healing, Tune In Wellness offers a range of sound healing tools from gongs to alchemy crystals and singing bowls.


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