Singapore-Hong Kong Travel Bubble Gives Hope To Pandemic Separation

Picking up from where I’ve left off and crawling out of maternity leave. I had intended to take the entire year off to care for baby G as we have no hired help.

Now that we have some sort of routine going, I am rising from the ashes and determined to keep up freelance work for my sanity and deal with the fears of my eroding identity.

Mum-ing full time is muddy waters – and I have a baby that sleeps through the night 10-11 hours from 9 weeks old and doesn’t cry much. He just wants to chit chat all day and not take naps!


Anyhow, I’m so glad to start contributing to Travel Weekly on a regular basis. It’s my first time writing for an industry trade publication and get to weigh in with travel/hospitality perspectives and forecasts – all my favourite things in addition to writing.

Read the piece here

Read the piece here

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