4 Favourite Spots for Laksa in Hong Kong

Cafe Melaka

It’s been a while since I’ve been here, but when I was living in SYP neighbourhood, I used to get my laksa and char kueh teow fix at Cafe Melaka at Hotel Jen. You can find chendol, rojak and the whole works on the menu. I’m have to make another trip back now with baby in tow.


There are only three noodle items on the menu and they do such a fine job. You have the option of dried laksa with mee tai mak also known as “mouse tail noodles” because of its resemblance or the original version of rice noodles in a bath of rich gravy. The last noodle item is the prawn mee which is delicious too, but I have to confess we come here for the laksa, the kaya toast and kueh pie tee.

Rempah in Malay means the spice paste that is the base of all curries – made an intoxicating mix of spices and the candlenut which is an essential mix to the laksa rempah in my Mother’s recipe.

Basehall Return of Lemak by chef Barry Kwek

Here you’ll find legit Singaporean laksa and nasi lemak by Chef Barry Kwek. I also have a weakness for the sotong youtiao He’s opened a new restaurant Whey and I can’t wait to try it!

Return of lemak

Grand Hyatt Café

Apart from a legit nonya laksa, you should try the Hainanese chicken rice here and make a feast out of it. We also ordered a side of the Impossible meats vegan mapo tofu, which didn’t compromise on taste or texture.

I also really like their sweet and sour pork if you’re in the Wanchai vicinity and have cravings.

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