French Finesse meets the wok! Wing Restaurant Hong Kong by Chef Vicky Cheng

Chef Vicky is a dear friend and also a fantastic chef that knows the ins and outs of Chinese and French cooking.

He’s my King of Soups. And we all know the hallmark of a good Cantonese soup is the rich but subtle flavours – the essence of all the best produce (fish maw, sea cucumbers etc) is distilled into the slow cooked soups.

This peppery bisque like soup (I can’t remember if it was lobster or crab 💥)

My mum and late grandmother achieved this by cooking soups overnight on the charcoal stove on a slow fire, but chef Vicky naturally does it the haute cuisine way with French cooking techniques, giving his Chinese dishes polished and robust flavours, while retaining their authentic flavours.

I remember my mother would simmer prawn stock overnight over the charcoal stove so that the rich flavours from the shells would distill into the stock. My husband did it in 10 minutes. He put the shells into the pot, poured some rum into it, did a flambé and added water to the base to simmer and reduce – it actually tasted more robust than soup lovingly simmered overnight.

We’ve always been a fan of VEA — a contemporary European restaurant with French cooking foundation with both luxurious and humble ingredients in Chinese cuisine (you MUST try the signature sea cucumber dish), one Michelin-starred VEA is in a refreshing league of its own and definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in Hong Kong.

It is nearly impossible to get a reservation at Wing, so book in advance. The restaurant serves regional Chinese cuisine – done with French cooking techniques.

scampi with glass noodles. we had a variation with crabs in season and it was decadent and a cholesterol party.
Roast pigeon served table side
fish head for the Singaporean in me.
buttery fatty wagyu beef claypot rice
donuts and little mignardises to finish

Wing Restaurant by Chef Vicky Cheng

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