Art Basel Hong Kong 2022 highlights

We checked out Art Basel Hong Kong over the weekend really briefly. The toddler likes looking at things – partly because I also love looking at things and we’ve been going to galleries since he was a newborn. He’s just alot more opinionated and vocal these days as a toddler.

I’ve been trying to catch up with life (and revive the blog), so stay tuned as late posts will start resurfacing.

The scale of Art Basel Hong Kong has diminished year on year with less to see and (personally) I felt less interesting things to see. I was surprised that there wasn’t the signature Anish Kapoor “dish” I’ve seen at least one of those pieces on display for nearly a decade since the inception of Art Basel Hong Kong in 2013 and the discovery corners weren’t very inspiring.

Sign of the times? The insanely strict and ridiculous quarantine rules which has fortunately decreased to 7 days in the hotel, but still people who are Covid positive – no fault of their own – are punished psychologically and financially by having an extended stay at a Covid approved hotel. Thankfully, they are no longer separating babies/young children from their parents.

I’ve been very fortunate to be able to go to Art Basel Hong Kong every year of the fair since its inception in Hong Kong in 2013. One of my favourite years was 2015.

We were in and out in an hour, previous years I needed more than 2-3 full day visits to really the variety of art on display. Circumstances have also changed as I let my bossy toddler take the lead.

Didn’t get a chance to look at artists details but I call this the “alter ego” series.
toddler’s favourite things: cat and pasta

My close friend L, a Paris-based art consultant specialising in contemporary Chinese art mentioned that the cost and impracticality of bringing artworks to the fair with less international collectors flying in wasn’t worth the while, which explains the small scale fair. “besides the taste of the art world has changed dramatically. It’s all about figurative/colourful i.e baby art. So it was completely the right move letting your boy take the lead!”

These pieces are some of his favourites. Heavyweight Zeng Fanzhi did catch his eye amidst other real life depictions of things he likes – cars, bicycles, cats, tigers, mirrors. Sadly, also a painting with masks!

showed interest in Zeng Fanzhi
the little plane that caught his eye
the soft toy tiger

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