Damn The Flu: Our Never-Ending Saga

I feel like I can never get a break as the whole family is sick and down with the flu. The toddler has been down for 3 weeks. I haven’t slept much in the past weeks with the cycles of raging high fevers, multiple trips to the paediatrician, multiple swabs, the same cycles of medication we’ve cycled through bottles and bottles of it, with seemingly no end in sight. It’s the flu season and the toddler’s been stuck with the parainfluenza 3 virus for weeks.

We’ve been stuck on the flu/fever bus for weeks and it felt like it was going no where. It has literally brought me to my knees.

In between the season of flu and illness, the husband confirmed his three Michelin stars for the 5th consecutive year. We tagged along to Macau while coughing our lungs out. It was however nice for a change for scenery getting out of Hong Kong for a breather.

Beautiful views of the Parisian and Venetian from Four Seasons Hotel Macao

I’m happy to report, we’re finally nearly at the end of the tunnel and toddler is back at school so I am able to do other things like life admin in addition to child care. Fortunately, work has been slow, so there isn’t the additional stress of deadlines with a screaming needy sick toddler in the background of con calls.

Potty training is on the back burner for when toddler is ready.

I am reminded of Fair Play Life and finding that unicorn activity. I would like to get back to sewing and creating things.

I’m completely burntout and rageful. I’m working on taking time out. Here’s some helpful reminders from Dr Becky, who has also written an excellent book titled “Good inside” – the belief that we’re all innately good inside, and have a hard time every now and then.

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