Food & Film: Saveur Cinema Hong Kong Brings Diners the Best Of Both Worlds

Saveur Cinema is a passion project started by dynamic duo Alison and Amanda during the Covid pandemic in Hong Kong, they’d dress up as characters from their favourite films and deliver cocktails directly to Hong Kong addresses, indicating the exact time in the film one should imbibe the delicious drinks.

After the lockdown restrictions were relaxed and dining in Hong Kong could resume like the rest of the world, they started their immersive film dinners – where the audience all watch the themed film for the night, and eat dishes from the film at specific moments in the film.

Saveur Cinema with Chung King Express

Most recently, this April I attended my second Saveur Cinema dinner screening Japanese cult film Tampopo that I watched over a decade ago. My first experience was with Wong Kar Wai’s Chung King Express, another one of my favourite classics.

Saveur Cinema Hong Kong Presents Japanese Cult Film Tampopo

A lifetime ago, when I was a little lost at what to do with myself, I was planning to go to UNISG, where the slow food movement by Carlo Petrini began. Life took me on a different culinary adventure path where I met and married a 3 Michelin starred chef instead.

Here’s a list of some excellent film classics with beautiful food cinematography. A Top 10 List of Food films for those stay-home and laze around days while grazing on delicious snacks.

Team Saveur Cinema outdo themselves every time; making food and film such a wonderful dining experience. You can see the amount of research, effort and hard work that goes into running each theme dinner – the table setting, the cocktails, ambience and every dish carefullly crafted and recreated to fit the exact moment in the film – a Proustian flashback it isn’t, but it’s a momentous and enjoyable gastronomic moment paired with poignant moments in the films. That smoked bacon, purple yam dessert was absolutely delicious – wasn’t what I was expecting when the dying protagonist was talking about wild boars hunted after they had eaten yams and roasting their intestines as sausages.

Both Amanda and Alison have full time jobs, so this passion project has added so much value and dimension to Hong Kong’s rich and diverse dining scene.

I can’t wait to see what future movies they are planning in the pipeline.

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