Canteen Diary 101220/101222/101223

One of the last few canteen meals for 2010…which were pretty good last week. they’ve been slacking off this week, I cheated and had chicken curry instead of a canteen meal.

Chicken with sticky rice (new! and nice) with sides of winter melon and celery stir fry, white fungus soup. Yellow bun is corn bread which I don’t enjoy as it’s as hard as a rock and tasteless.

Overall satisfaction: 5/10
Very salty pork with bean curd skin, delicious tofu dish and some porridge.

Overall satisfaction: 3/10 (tofu saved the day!)

Spicy mutant rubbery chewy chicken with peppers, stir fry doumiao and porridge. It’s no wonder why I’m putting on weight this winter. I’m doubling on the carbs!

Overall satisfaction: 2/10

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