Macau Egg Tarts: San Hou Lei Cafe

If I could suggest another great place for Portuguese egg tarts apart from the highly commercialised Lord Stow’s bakery, San Hou Lei on Koon Ya Gai (Rua do Cunha) in Taipa Village the main street where the library is and leads up to Macdonald’s at the far end.

I randomly pick this store because of the wonderful free local confectionary smells coming from it. Y was visiting so we bought a couple to try. The Po tart was pretty good as was the egg custard one (without the burnt crust like the po tart) and the coconut juice with milk was fresh and tasty.

The last one with the huge puff was a little too sweet and had tasted like it had some coconut shavings on it—we didn’t pay attention ordering! Either way, whatever it is, don’t go for this one. Their specialty here is the bird’s nest egg tarts, I’m not particularly a fan of birds nest since its tasteless and mostly texture 口感 (mouth feel), so don’t be afraid to venture out to try one.

The Po’ tart here is your best bet – a flakey buttery crust with the perfect consistency of egg custard – not too sweet – not too runny with a good measure of ‘wobbly’, lightly torched at the top. Other options include coconut, milk custard and birds nest.

egg tarts
San Hou Lei Cafe
13-14 Rua do Cunha

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