Hong Kong Cépage 1* Michelin by Sebastien Lepinoy

cepage hong kong

It was my first time at Cepage and I was pleasantly surprised. I was told it’s one of the few kitchens with many women chefs helmed by executive chef Sebastien Lepinoy, which explains the beautiful delicate plating and presentation of each dish. Part of the Singaporean Les Amis empire, Cépage lived up to its stellar acclaim. I heard great things about the restaurant but didn’t know what to expect and was surprised that it turned out very Japanese Nobu-esque rather than your typical French fine dining experience.

That’s interesting because in culinary history it’s common for great Japanese chefs using French technique after training in le cordon bleu and training at Michelin starred restaurants.. seldom the other way round with a French chef using lots of Japanese elements which all went perfectly together from the delicately and beautifully wrapped scallop caviar maki, foie gras eel to the miso black cod with ginger–all perfectly executed.

Our amuse bouch of white asparagus (if I remember right), rich but light topped with a generous amount of caviar (plating reminds me  alot of Robuchon)

Scallops maki with caviar, you get the full flavours of the sea with each mouthful, exciting to be eating with chopsticks in a French fine dining restaurant.
cepage scallops and caviar

Foie gras and eel, delish and the presentation reminds me of the malay layered cake (kueh lapis)
cepage hong kong foie gras

Hokkaido Sea urchin over petit lobster flan with light fennel emulsion
cepage hong kong uni

Inaniwa udon in lobster bouillon and fresh ginger
cepage noodles

Miso black cod in “Karachi” sauce
cepage miso cod

Roast chicken with french potatoes and white asparagus
cepage roast chicken

Carolines for petit fours (which I learnt is another way of calling mini éclairs)
cepage petit four

Dark chocolate souffle 125% with Tahitian vanilla ice cream
cepage chocolate souffle

It’s a great date night place, so we’re definitely coming back :)

23 Wing Fung Street
Hong Kong
Tel: 2861 3130

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