TV5 Canada Ports D'attache Hong Kong Food Feature

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I am thankful for my good SEO on my blog for the producer and researcher both presented my blog by coincidence at the meeting and the decision was made to have me featured to do a food crawl on TV5 Canada Ports D’attache programme for the Hong Kong episode. If I had a little more confidence I would have done it in French – that’s a work in progress! The episode played on Canadian TV5

  1. Wednesday June 6,  09h00
  2. Friday June 8,  22h00
  3. Saturday June 9,  15h30
  4. Sunday June 10,  06h00

Here’s my 10 mins of double chin fame taking Heidi Hollinger the host of Ports D’attache

Watch the full episode of Ports D’attache on Hong Kong here. I think it’s going offline at the end of July 2012 and read more about the Hong Kong personalities here

hong kong tv5 ports d'attache

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