Macau bites: Yue Jia Mian Noodle House 裕家面

wagyu beef noodles

We recently found our favourite neighbourhood noodle shop Yue Jia Mian Macau, just a 10 minute walk from our place, and the best part is they open till 3am and do delivery as well! Absolutely perfect for chefs who get home from work no earlier than 1130pm.

shrimp noodles
The soups here are hearty, rich and thick and the handmade pulled noodles slightly springy. Chef loves it here because the products are premium from 56 months aged Iberico ham to imported Wagyu beef and French Crevettes.

pork ginger garlic appetiser
ginseng chicken noodles

The menu is small, but what we love about it is that everything is done well. There are local appetisers from pork knuckles to sweet and sour ribs and chicken feet. We always start with a plate of pata negra (80MOP for 20g) which usually comes up to 400MOP a plate, bowl of Wagyu noodles 180MOP and I alternate between the French Crevette prawn noodles (90MOP) and the ginseng chicken noodle (I think it’s 70MOP). Expensive for a bowl of noodles, but the best quality produce go into the bowl and definitely worth its price.

They’ve been open for 2 months now and still fine tuning their dishes and operations, so sometimes it’s hit or miss when the Waygu or shrimp is slightly overcooked. Everything else is pretty impressive considering how small the team is. The wine list is small but with decent choices that don’t break the bank.

Yue Jia Noodles
基马拉斯大马路61-65号, 美景花园 (near the jockey club round about)
Tel: +853 2883 5963

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