Yat Lok: Hong Kong’s Best Roast Goose

yat lok roast goose hong kong

Hong Kong is home to some of the best BBQ roast meats in the region and Yat Lok is one of them serving some of the city’s best. The roast goose is their signature sell out (forget Yung Kee). You’ll find smokey, slightly charred, tender juicy goose thighs to go with rice noodles in soup (62HKD) or with rice. I highly recommend also ordering a plate of Charsiu when you finally get to your turn after waiting in line to get a seat – be prepared to share a table with strangers.

Other dishes on the menu includes stir fry greens – order the kai-lan leafy vegetable which comes blanched served with a dollop of oyster sauce. For drinks, order the milk tea nai cha (奶茶)- the pièce de resistance of any local diner (also known as a cha chaan teng)

This small local eatery is located right in the centre of Central Hong Kong’s Soho district and serves up some of the city’s best BBQ roasts, the goose and BBQ roast pork being one of their signatures. The local diner is tiny, and you’ll often see lines outside at peak lunch hour, they sell out by 5-6pm.

The interiors are narrow, seating about 30 persons at a go, strangers share tables with each other and it’s one of those fast food places where you eat on the fly. The wait staff are shouting orders over your head across to the open kitchen where the chef is deftly slicing the roasts and you’ll find yourself gliding through on the greasy floor – be careful not to slip!

Yat Lok
G/F, 28 Stanley Street, Central. Hong Kong

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