Paris Food & Drink: Marble Courtyard George V

george v paris boullaibaise

Work bias aside, Four Seasons George V Paris really sets the bar high – stunning grandoise space with the old school Parisian wonder, impeccable floral arrangements – they’ve even got an Artistic Director in-house, Jeff Leatham whose reputation precedes him – the genius behind the flowers.

The food at Le George is simple and luxurious, noble products in generous portions cooked perfectly without the fancy dress, adhering to the French gastro philosophy of letting the great products of the earth and sea shine with their natural flavours instead of blanketing it in sauces.

I had a huge salad and then a bouillabaisse that came with turbot, sea bass packed with the deliciously rich flavours of happy sea creatures distilled in a bowl. It was our last weekend in Paris and the fabulous lunch in marbled courtyard on a beautiful summer day topped off the end of our summer holidays.

george v salad
george v lamb
george v blue skies
george V flowers
dessert trolley

View of the courtyard from one of the rooms.

george V courtyard view

Beautiful purple orchids hanging from the ceiling – not quite visible, but super serene and pleasant.

george v paris marble courtyard

The pool and spa jacuzzi.

george v pool

If you have deep pockets and are into classic, grandoise luxury hotels, George V is for you. In any case, it’s probably a once in a lifetime treat to stay here for anyone!

Four Seasons George V Paris

31 Avenue George V 75009 Paris, France

Tel: +3314952 7000


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