Macao Eats: 12 Fantastic Portuguese Restaurants You Must Try


I rounded up the best Portuguese restaurants for Travel2Next site. Read them here

There’s no short of great eateries and restaurants in Macao. You can find delicious affordable food from street fare, rustic eateries to Michelin star fine dining.

I’ve got my list of Macanese favourites and here are my go-to for Portuguese food in Macao.

Macao Portuguese restaurants:

In no particular order, here’s where locals, long time Portuguese residents and expats go for Portuguese food in Macau. Also the name Macao and Macau are used interchangeably. I’ve gone with the Macao Tourism Board’s preference.

  1. A Petisqueira
  2. O Santos Comida
  3. Carlos
  4. Tromba Rija
  5. Fado
  6. Antonio’s
  7. Tapas De Portugal (by Antonio)
  8. Portugalia
  9. Casa De Porco Preto
  10. Fernando’s
  11. Espaço Lisboa
  12. Club Militar

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