Prestige Magazine Singapore Travel: Lisbon Reborn

It’s such a difficult time in the world at the moment and reading about travel probably isn’t the first thing on people’s minds. We can read, dream and gather inspiration and armchair travel in the meanwhile. When all this is over, we can make those plans for our next trips that we’ve always put on hold because there wasn’t time or money or reason to go.


We absolutely loved Lisbon. Parts of the city reminded us of Macao where we lived for a couple of years, with its charming Portuguese colonial charms. I wrote another story for Singapore Straits Times on Lisbon in 36 hours. We did a walking tour with Singular Trips who were wonderful, taking us through the books and crannies of the charming city tasting the best of local produce from olive oil, cold cuts and Portuguese wines.

Hopefully, we will learn to live better, more meaningful lives and to travel more responsibly and kindly to the local communities and to the planet. May we never take human connections for granted again.

Here’s a Lisbon story I wrote a while back and recently published in Singapore Prestige’s March 2020 issue. Download here.

Travel: Lisbon Reborn

Here’s another Lisbon story I filed last year for Singapore’s national broadsheet The Straits Times. Absolutely love that city and cannot wait to revisit when Covid-19 is over. Wonder what the world would be like after and how that would change our ethics and way of communicating, connecting and doing business.

The next time I’m heading back there, I’m going to buy myself a beautiful Mother Mary statue by Lisbonite artist Mariana Lima.

Thinking of all the people affected and sending love, lights and compassion. And to the medical frontline workers 🙏🏻

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