Secret Theatre: The Great Gatsby

Had too much fun and didn’t take more photos! (featuring Mum’s vintage Oroton purse)

We experienced our first Secret Theatre at Tai Kwun when the heritage arts centre first reopened. It was a murder mystery to be solved and we sat in the jury deciding if the defendant was guilty or not. We also got to sit in a jail cell to talk to the Hannibal Lector character and investigate the crime scenes set in the different rooms of the former court house.

Tickets included dinner at One Michelin starred Thai restaurant Aarhn by David Thompson before we adjourned for the show. I absolutely love immersive theatre over a good meal and we didn’t miss a beat when Secret Theatre returned to the Peninsula with The Great Gatsby.

We had a three course meal from Felix and got to hang out with Gatbsy himself and create a boomerang NFT while swing dancing with the crew on stage.

We’re looking forward to more shows and great nights out!

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