January 17 is International Italian Cuisines day and Italian chefs all over the world are participating by cooking Osso Bucco–the chosen dish of 2012. The annual event revisits traditional recipes that have lost its authenticity around the globe. Cream in your carbonara anyone? Or parmesan on your seafood pasta? The carnage! Organised by ITCHEFS and […]

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Last year’s dish was Italian Tagliatelle al Ragu Bolognese, and this year Pesto alla Genovese. Italian chef Marino D’Antonio at Sureño Restaurant Beijing will be participating again next year on January 17. From a “working class” type of sauce perfect for dressing “lasagne, ‘troffie’ or ‘trofie’ that in Liguria are elongated and twisted gnocchi, with […]

Dining at Sureño is never boring and I would be happy to dine here everyday, and I’m not being biased. Chef Marino made a five course menu, working with the different cheeses from the Mediterranean, from Italy (of course), Cyprus and Greece. Haloumi cheese from cyprus, with a chewy consistency of tofu and deliciously salty […]

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Chef Marino’s mamma came to visit and got behind the stove to cook alongside her son. With my broken Fran-talian and her super endearing Italian, we communicated passionately and had alot of fun. And she made me miss my mother. Here’s a video of Mother and son having some fun in the open kitchen, preparing […]

I ate at Sureño four times this week. I absolutely love the food there, but my waistline is starting not to agree in my soon-to-be-deep-vein- trombosis skinny jeans. To start, the salmon has gorgonzola tucked inside, so does the salami on the other end. YUM! This dish below is my absolute absolute favourite at the […]


With migration and an ever-evolving food culture today, Italian cuisine has been bastardised beyond the purists imagination. Somehow cream found its way to the spaghetti carbonara and people have associated the dish with cream since forever. Rarely can we find it done the authentic way, filled with the gooey goodness of egg. So, next year […]